Is it a lamp or a shelf? Cheo is a bright piece of furniture that lightens up the room and at the same time it can hold and illuminate our favorite objects, books, flower vases... Cheo’s body projects light on both sides but in different ways: it’s light beam is strong but non-invasive on the lower side and soft and warm towards the ceiling.


20, 30, 40, 60, 90, 120, 150 o 180 cm x 17cm x 2,5cm.

Light Source:

20cm: LED 1x7,2W 220V 4000K/2700K 720Lm/620Lm En. class A

30cm: LED 1x14,4W 220V 4000K/2700K 1440Lm/1360Lm En. class A

40cm: LED 1x21,6W 220V 4000K/2700K 2160Lm/2052Lm En. class A

60cm: LED 1x36W 220V 4000K/2700K 3600Lm/3420Lm En. class A

90cm: LED 1x57,6W 220V 4000K/2700K 5760Lm/5472Lm En. class A

120cm: LED 1x79,2W 220V 4000K/2700K 7920Lm/7524Lm En. class A

150cm: LED 1x108W 220V 4000K/2700K 10800Lm/10260Lm En. class A

180cm: LED 1x129W 220V 4000K/2700K 12900Lm/12255Lm En. class A

Dimmable on request/Power supply included




RAL 9006 Aluminum Grey
RAL 9005 Jet black
RAL 9010 Pure white

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