The RAGI T system supports lampshades with traditional sources or LEDs operating at mains voltage, characterized by an E27 or GU10 lamp holder. The electric cable that supports each lampshade has a fabric finish, available in different colours. A maximum of 15 lampshades can be associated with each ceiling rose.


Iron ceiling rose
Textile fabrics

Technical data sheet:

Modular and customizable system according to the scheme:

- Ceiling rose: radial (up to 15 lights) or angolar (up to 15 lights) +

- Lampshades +

- Holder for cable for ceiling fix +

- Cables

Available lampshade:

- Amedeo

- Atom

- Coco 

- Cono

- Driyos

- Driyos Naked

- Jeena

- Lady Cage

- Nox

- Sister

- Slice-s

- Slices-XL

- Sonoluce

- V

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