ZAVA PRO: when light is a matter of professionalism

Zava pro catalogo

ZAVA PRO Collection is the meeting of the company's know-how and savoir-faire in which the harmony of brass is transformed into exceptional and unique light sculptures. 

The new collection is designed for the home and for contract, for small projects and for larger ones, for design lovers and for all design professionals. A collection that sees brass as the main material.

Zava Pro 1
Zava Pro 3

All of ZAVA's lamps are forged by hand in a workshop in which each object, after passing through the most sophisticated machinery, is finished and assembled by the irreplaceable work of ZAVA's skilled craftsmen. This is precisely the big difference between an industrial lamp and a ZAVA PRO lamp.

Discover the entire ZAVA PRO collection. Download the catalog at the link below.